During these meetings, we will discuss in an informal setting recent advances in empirical corporate finance and banking, highlighting directions for future research. The core topics will be in corporate finance and banking with a strong empirical emphasis, however contributions with a theoretical focus (or mixed) are also welcome. In terms of topics, we will also embrace other fields: macroeconomics, entrepreneurship, labour, development, international, behavioural and many others.


1. create an environment to discuss new ideas and stimulate creativity;

2. encourage research, collaboration and critical reading;

3. develop presentation skills (both pitching papers and full presentations);

4. offer a committment device to reading at least one new paper per week.


There needs to a compact group of students, that routinely meet and discuss very actively. I will lead the group and faculty will join on an ad-hoc basis. Exceptionally students not part of the group can join, but need to get in touch ex ante. The conditions for participation are the following:

(i) to be willing to present at least one paper during the reading group;

(ii) to prepare very well for the presentations;

(iii) to commit to attend all meetings, with reasonable discretion.


Each meeting lasts for 90 minutes. During each meeting we will discuss one paper and, subject to interest, and students may present their own research projects to get feedback.

1 Long Presentation (60 minutes)

1 Short Presentation (30 minutes)

Date & Time

Monday 16.15 – 17.45

From 11th September to end of November 2017

12 Meetings, 90 minutes each


Finance Department Seminar Room (2-E4-SR03)

Topics and Presentations

A preliminary list is available here. A detailed schedule will be uploaded promptly.