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In this page you can find my papers, for an up-to-date list refer to my profile on ideas (here) and google scholar (here):


Working Papers

Finance & Development

 * “Liquidity Risk and Long-Term Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”  (with M. A. Choudhary, State Bank of Pakistan). Draft, appendix & IGIER Working Paper. Revise and Resubmit at the Review of Economic Studies, first round.

* “High-Speed Internet, Financial Technology and Banking” (with A. D’Andrea, Bocconi). Draft & BAFFI CAREFIN Working Paper. Finalist in the ECB Young Economists’ Competition 2020.

* “The Effect of Chinese FDI in Africa: Evidence From Ethiopia” (with R. Crescenzi, LSE). Draft. New Version Soon.

* “Liquidity Requirements and Financial Development: Evidence from Ethiopia” (with F. Strobbe, World Bank). Draft, appendix & BAFFI CAREFIN Working Paper. Older World Bank working paper here. Submitted.


Political Economy & Development

* “Anti-Trust Policies and Profitability in Non-Traded Sectors” (with T. Besley and N. Fontana). Draft. Conditionally Accepted at the American Economic Review: Insights.

* “Bureaucrats Allocation in the Public Sector: Evidence from the World Bank”. Draft, appendix & IGIER Working Paper. Older STICERD working paper hereRevise and Resubmit at the Economic Journal, second round.

* “Terrorism Financing, Recruitment and Attacks”. Draft and PEDL Working Paper. Media presence on VoxDev, ProMarketSlate Political Gabfest, TalkingAboutTerrorism blog, News Livedoor (in Japanese) and Youtube video by BIPR. Submitted.


Work In Progress

“Organization and Local Norms: Evidence From Ethiopian Bank Branches” (with N. Gennaioli and F. Strobbe).

* “Deposits and Deposit Insurance: Evidence from Colombia” (with N. de Roux).

* “Terrorism, Firms and Security: Evidence from Pakistan” (with A. M. Choudhary).

Pre PhD Papers & Non-technical Work

Old Articles & Working papers

Limodio, Nicola, 2016. Media, Demonstrations, and Public Good Delivery: Evidence from World Bank Projects. STICERD working paper here.

Limodio, Nicola, 2011. “The highway concession system in Italy : history, regulation and politics,” Policy Research Working Paper Series 5567, The World Bank. (freely downloadable via ideas here). Media Presence on Bloomberg and the Washington Post.

Limodio, Nicola, 2012. “The puzzle of aid and growth: any role for investment?,” International Review of Applied Economics, Taylor and Francis Journals, vol. 26(1), pages 1-26, January. (here)

Limodio, Nicola, 2011. “The success of infrastructure projects in low-income countries and the role of selectivity,” Policy Research Working Paper Series 5694, The World Bank. (freely downloadable via ideas here)

Limodio, Nicola, 2011. “The impact of pro-vulnerable income transfers : Leisure, dependency and a distribution hypothesis,” Policy Research Working Paper Series 5881, The World Bank. (freely downloadable via ideas here)


“Did Energy Efficiency Break the Electric Utilities’ Business Model?”, (with S. Afsah and K. Salcito), CO2scorecard, March 2015. (here)