Introduction to Stata

This course refers to the Academic Year 2014/2015

This course aims to give you an introduction to the standard software for statistical analysis used by economists: Stata. Beyond being the most common it has also some nice characteristics:

  • a nice programming environment and easy-to-use buttons;
  • makes beautiful graphs;
  • a comprehensive help file for each command, including examples;
  • but especially a fantastic online community (you can type almost any question and get the answer).

This is a hands-on course: classes are important and give you the essential understanding, however the most effective way of learning a software is just to use it (generally over and over, making countless mistakes along the way).

There is an impressive amount of online Stata resources which you can use, let me just list you a couple

  • this is a course given by Alexander C. Lembcke, a PhD student at LSE;
  • this is a link to a course given by German Rodriguez from Princeton;
  • this is a link to the Institute for Digital Research and Education, UCLA

pretty much any google search for “introduction to stata” provides with useful material, especially as beginners.

You can find material for the classes here:

Class 1 – some introductory slides introductory slides , containing preliminary codes¬† –¬† a fun picture to start with.

Class 2 – second class slides, with exercises (here the corresponding databases).

Class 3 – programming (macros, foreach, locals…) and the corresponding do-files.