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 The objective of this course is to provide students with a general understanding of the functions performed by financial markets and institutions and their role in the economic system. We start by offering an overview of the functions of the financial system and its connections to the real economy. We then study in detail the functioning of financial markets and the main financial instruments traded there. Finally, we study the workings of different types of financial institutions.


  1. S. Mishkin and S.G. Eakins, “Financial Markets & Institutions”, Pearson Education, 2011, Eight Edition.
  2. Lecture notes and other materials are available below.

Relevant course materials will be posted online (on your student agenda, [email protected]) before the week in which they will be covered.



There will be two written exams: a partial exam on October 18th at 2 pm and a cumulative general exam (based on the material covered during the whole course) on December 19th at 2 pm (there will then be another general exam on January 19th at 2 pm). There will be no second partial exam; all students must take the general exam. You may choose one of the following two options:

  1. You take both written exams. In this case, your final grade for written exam is determined by the formula:

If your partial exam grade is higher than your general exam grade, your final grade for written exams will be the simple arithmetic average of the two. Otherwise, your final grade for written exams will be the grade you receive on the general. For instance, if you receive 30 on the partial exam and 20 on the general exam, your final grade for written exams will be 25. If you receive 20 on the partial and 30 on the general, your final grade will be 30.

You take only the general written exam.

The partial exam grade is only valid until the exam of January 19th (included).


There will be four optional problem sets. These are meant to help you follow the material of the course. These tests will not be graded. They will be posted online by 23:00 on four Wednesdays written below. Correct answers will be posted within three days of the following Monday. The home assignments and their solutions will also be posted in the [email protected] platform.



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The syllabus and Material can be found on the internal Bocconi learning platform.